Air Tractor Europe offers a wide range of multi-function aircraft for a variety of applications, such as fire fighting, in the agricultural industry and many others. More than 25 countries around the world rely on the capabilities of the Air Tractor.

Aircraft and spare parts supply

Fire fighting Aircraft

Agricultural Aircraft


We provide studies and consultancy services to help our customers make the right decision on the appropriate technology for their specific needs and requirements.

In addition, we carry out all the documentary procedures, certifications, deliveries in the country of destination, as well as providing after-sales services and spare parts supply.


Our aircraft are the best in their class in fire fighting aviation, featuring a perfect balance between power, range, manoeuvrability and resistance.

Foam can be injected into the tank during the flight, and thanks to its advanced computeriSed firegate system, the FRDS (Fire Retardant Dispersal System) discharge pattern can be customiSed, to choose how much liquid is discharged, for how far and for how long.

AT 802 Firefighter

AT 802 Fireboss Amphibious


Air Tractor’s agricultural aircraft have the power, speed and payload that makes them, according to many operators, the best agricultural aircraft available. With a wide range of options, which can be used to fertilise forests, spray fields for miles or even use dispersants in oil spills at sea, the Air Tractor is synonymous of versatility.

AT 401B

AT 402B

AT 502B

AT 504

AT 602

AT 802A