As part of its collaboration with Fire Boss to provide the best aerial fire prevention and suppression systems, Air Tractor Europe has announced an order for eight Fire Bosses with an option for an additional eight. This order allows us to continue our growth in the markets we serve.

This joint announcement was made during the Aerial Fire Fighting Europe 2022 Exhibition held in Nimes, France. At the presentation, our CEO Rafael Selma, stated: “We at Air Tractor Europe were early adopters of the Fire Boss. Since 2003 we have delivered more than 75 across Europe. With this order, we are positioned to expand further into markets that recognize the advantage of fast and accurate initial attack and want lower operating costs than other tankers on the market.

Clint E. Clouatre, Vice President of Marketing and Sales for Fire Boss, LLC, said, “This unprecedented order solidifies the acceptance of the initial attack strategy for aerial fire suppression in Europe. It is the most economical and environmentally friendly option for successfully fighting wildfires.” Later Stephen Johnson, Director of Global Sales for Fire Boss LLC, added: “Our partner, Air Tractor Europe, is leading the way for Fire Boss’ success in this territory and is key to new countries utilizing this efficient platform.”

Some key points of this partnership announcement are:

  • Air Tractor Europe is the exclusive distributor of Air Tractor for Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. It has a long history of experience, having been founded in 1965, and has been an official Air Tractor distributor since 1996.
  • Some of the capabilities that ATE possesses and that have earned it the trust of Fire Boss and allowed it to grow in its market are:
  • It has a wide structure for the provision of integral services of advice, sales, maintenance, consultancy, training and air operation.
  • It has aircraft facilities in Castellón, Spain, which include an EASA145 maintenance center and an AT802 repair center with avionics, engine and propeller capabilities. In addition, it has a CAMO+ center, an EASA147 training center, a flight school for ground and amphibious training, and an FTD level 2 simulator for both ground and amphibious AT802.
  • The Fire Boss is an AT802F Air Tractor modified to improve its operability.
  • The Fire Boss consists of Wipline 10000A amphibious floats designed and built by Wipaire.
  • The Fire Response Dispersion System (FRDS) is computer controlled to achieve optimum water drop on target using the Gen III fire door.
  • With this order, Fire Boss will reach the milestone of more than 160 deliveries worldwide.

We look forward to continue achieving challenges and bringing good news about the milestones achieved by Air Tractor Europe.