With the idea to improve security and provide a certified training on different aircraft operations, ATE manages the training of pilots:

• Training courses for all AT models.
• Training courses for amphibious aicraft.
• Emergency training.
• Fire fighting training.

Pilot training Formacion pilotos

In order to complete an outstanding training, ATE uses the only FTD simulator worldwide certified by EASA.

We collaborate with instructors who have a vast experience in training and specific aircraft operation. The training is approved by the authority European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) certification for our training activities (Approval E-ATO-245).


With the aim to provide education to technicians and engineers, ATE provides technical training center for maintenance technicians, as per approved EASA Part 147, with the following options:

• Type training, level 1 for model Air Tractor AT800 Series.
• Type training, level 3 for model Air Tractor AT800 Series.
• Update training.
• Training is suitable for mechanics licences B1 y B2.

Training takes place in modern facilities and certification EASA part 145 for the development of the theory and practice parts of the training courses. We provide our customers with instructors who have a vast experience in training and aircraft maintenance.

Our instructors have a vast experience in training and aircraft maintenance.


ATE collaborates with specialized technical personnel for suitable maintenance of the aircraft who can provide proper technical support.

We can provide also maintenance management services (CAMO+) and perform different works on the aircraft such as:

1. Periodic inspections (Line and Heavy maintenance).
2. Engine: HSI and fuel nozzle test.
3. Structural repairs
4. Overhaul and repair of propellers (OH).
5. Avionics installations
6. Support and mechanics fast deployment.

Certified under EASA Part M and Part 145.

aeronautical services
Fire fighting consulting · Asesoria en extincion de incendios


Over the years, our company has developed a know-how which allows to provided consultancy in all types of agricultural and fire fighting operations:

• Consultancy to governments about fire fighting policies.

• Assessment to private operator in public tenders.

• Definition on operations structures.

• Manuals preparations.

• Support to obtain operation certificated.

• Maintenance programs.

• Engineering and maintencance management.

• Safety management system.

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