The AT-802 series is the world’s largest single-engine aircraft, and its popularity reflects the trend towards higher capacity turbine aircraft. Whether it is used for forest reforestation, for spraying large areas of cotton, or in the use of dispersants for oil spills, the aircraft has enough productivity and performance to perform jobs very efficiently.


The AT-802A is a low-wing, cantilever, monoplane of all-metal construction. This version is the agricultural version of the famous AT-802F, dedicated to fire fighting. It can be equipped with one or two cabins with their respective instruments for the flight in both seats. Avionics equipment complies with VFR standards for instrument flight and has electronic air conditioning / heating, as well as autopilot

There are 3 Pratt & Whitney turboprop engine options:

– PT6A-65AG with 1295 SHP

– PT6A-67AG with 1350 SHP

– PT6A-67F with 1600 SHP

These engines are highly reliable and are adapted to the type of requirements that are needed in agricultural work in terms of power with high ambient temperatures, ease of maintenance, low noise emission, etc … The propeller used is a Hartzell 5 blades high performance, reversible step and constant speed.

The version used by Air Tractor Europe installs high capacity fuel tanks, 380 gallons (1,438 liters), which gives a great flight autonomy (5 hours) either to operate from airports or from aerodromes.

The great maneuverability of the AT-802A, together with its versatility make this aircraft the best option to carry out agricultural work in large areas.




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