The AT-401B is a 400 gallon workhorse powered by the Pratt & Whitney R-1340 radial engine. It incorporates factors for the durability, safety and ease of use that characterize Air Tractors that fly with economical piston engines.


The heart of the AT-401B’s economy is its ultra-powerful Pratt & Whitney R1340 radial piston engine. Widely considered one of the best radial engines to date, the R1340 has been rebuilt to Air Tractor specifications to improve performance, economy, and reduce maintenance.

Like all Air Tractor models, the AT-401B provides excellent visibility, a sturdy wing-square design, and more power that is balanced with clean aerodynamics to provide speed and maneuverability, even at payload.

The AT-401B is a great partner for a growing business. From its large 400-liter hopper that helps reduce ferry time, its Hoerner wingtips that improve climb speed and overall control, the AT-401B offers unmatched value – economical, efficient and productive.




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